The Family Man

By Kimberley Chambers

The epic new thriller from the No.1 bestselling Queen of Gangland crime!

Meet Kenny Bond. A murderer. A good family man.

Kenny’s finally out of prison after doing a long stretch for killing a copper, and is determined to get back to normal life. He’s got a lot of time to make up for, he’s missed his beloved wife Sharon, and his son Donny has got himself into trouble. He’s fallen for the daughter of a copper, and now he’s on the wrong side of the law. But if Donny lacks his father’s strength, his twin sons Beau and Brett have their grandfather’s spirit. Like him, they won’t let anyone stand in their way.

For Kenny, family comes before everything else and he’s determined to live on the straight and narrow. There’s nothing he won’t do for his wife, his kids, his grandkids. And even when he meets Abigail, a young woman with her eye on him and a plan of her own, Kenny’s determined that nothing, and no one, will threaten his family – even when there’s someone who wants to tear them apart . . .