The Mitchells and O’Haras Trilogy - The Feud (The Mitchells and O’Haras Trilogy, Book 1)

By Kimberley Chambers

Two rival families. One East End. The explosive first novel in the Mitchells & O’Haras trilogy.

For more than a decade, two East End families have been locked in a bitter war.

On one side are the Mitchells, a notorious underworld mob from East London’s Canning Town. They have an iron in every fire and will resort to intimidation and violence to get what they want.

On the other side are the O’Haras. The Mitchells’ biggest rivals are a travelling family who live in nearby Stratford. They compete with the Mitchells for pub protection, and the two families hate each other.

Caught between these two families at war are two innocent children, who will grow up to love the wrong people and spark the last terrible act in the long-running feud.

The Mitchells & O’Haras Trilogy